Balloon Delivery in KL & PJ

Make Your Party Pop with Helium Balloon Delivery in KL PJ & Klang Valley

A party would not be a party without balloons! Whether it is a celebration or a surprise party, helium balloons are a decoration that one should not miss. Apart from making your party pop, perfect balloons give a magical touch to parties due to their whimsical nature.

Types of Balloon You Need to Know For Balloon Delivery 

With balloon delivery in Klang Valley areas by D’Special Day, you can incorporate balloons into your events and parties hassle-free. There are several types of balloons that you can consider for your party.  

Latex Balloon 

In the world of balloons, latex balloons are the most common. It comes decorated in different shapes and definitely incorporates different colors to suit the theme. It can be an air-filled balloon or a helium-filled balloon.

Helium Balloon 

Helium latex balloons are specifically designed for helium inflation. Helium balloons can float up to 8 hours in the base case. However, we also provide a solution for you to prolong the floating time up to 40 hours or more days – perfect for early preparation. Of course, you can always opt for helium balloon delivery for parties and events.

Foil Balloon 

Foil balloon lasts longer than latex and helium latex balloon. Plus, foil balloon is also less prone to popping due to its high durability. With a mirror-like surface, this type of balloon is popular for various occasions and it comes in different sizes, shapes, and themes.

Letter Balloon & Number Balloon 

Letter balloons and number balloons are commonly made from foil material. These types of balloons are suitable for assembling congratulation events. Thus, you can customize the message that you need e.g. Congratulation, Happy 12 Years Anniversary, Happy 21st Birthday and etc. It gives a very festive look and serves as a simple solution with a helium balloon delivery.

Hot Air Balloon 

Hot air balloon decorations are a fantastic add-on to events and occasions. At D’Special Day, it comes in unique balloon bouquets to incorporate special celebrations e.g. birthday, anniversary, get well soon and etc. With balloon delivery, this balloon combo is also an ideal surprise gift to your loved one.

Bubble Balloon 

Bubble Balloons are balloons made of a clear, stretchy, plastic that allows them to be inflated into a nearly round shape. These balloons are imported from Japan, it’s long lasting and ideal for indoor and outdoor decor because they are made of non-oxidizing material. With a magical touch, small mini balloons can be inserted into the bubble balloon to make it more special. Also, your dedicated customized messages can be included for your loved one.

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